Hello world! Monday, Jun 22 2009 

Welcome to my WordPress page. This is my first post. You might know me as Catamite owner/moderator for the late catamite.net website and/or moderator of the amia yahoogroup. I have a big collection of gay male erotic art. Paintings and drawings are posted on catamite-art.blogspot and on this blog I’ll probably post more about my views and on (gay) culture. My last tweet is in the sidebar, so is a link to my facebook.


knowledge and knowing Tuesday, Aug 4 2009 

I got this idea in my head, but I just can’t get a grip on it yet. This is the thing: I’m into science and technology (well I’m interested in the stuff). As we all might have experienced is that scientific ‘progress’ has (under the influence of computers) excelled tremendously the last decades. In fact at this time we reached a point where 1st graders learn stuff which is outdated by the time they graduate. This will only be more truth in the near future.

What does it mean I wonder. By the time knowledge reaches the general public, scientist have alleady found a new and ‘better’ paradigm. Will knowledge/education keep it’s status? Will we think of knowledge as something desirable in the future? Schools will have to progress to…. What will they teach the children in the (near) future? Will dogma’s get a bigger role in decision making (has it already started?)? How will we deal with this?

Black pug in the night Sunday, Jul 5 2009 

Yesterday late at night I walked my pugs, when suddenly I noticed one of them was missing. It’s a pitch-black dog so very hard to see in the dark. Whatever I called him, he didn’t show up. I walked/ran around the park shouting and eventually found him. A nice couple with a Jack-Russell recognized him and called him by his name. He responded immediately by coming towards them, obviously happy to meet someone familiar. They heard me calling out for him and brought him through the park to me.
Miro as a pug
I still don’t know how this could happen, both dogs always stay very close to me and they respond to their names very well. Anyway I realized how much these animals depend on me and was panicking big times.